Alcofree Brand Ambassador Dan Truong

Alcofree Brand Ambassador Dan Truong

With friendly face and having a big caring about health, Dan Truong has been chosen by Rohto Mentholatum Vietnam as the brand ambassador for anti hangover and support liver drinking Alcofree.

Dan Truong is a famous singer from 90s, he is one of the singers  had a lot of famous and successful songs in Vietnam with lot of different types of music such as pop, historical, folk and bolero. With his effort in training to create his own music style, he successed early and got a huge number of fan. In his career, he achieved lots of awards such as Lan Song Xanh award, VTV Bai Hat Toi Yeu, HTV awards and etc…

His job need to have a lot of conversations and need to participate in a lots of events such as birthday parties, opening events so drinking is unavoidable. However, when he appear in front of audiences, we always see that He always appears with healthy image to send the best performace to all audiences. As he sharing, he always drink Alcofree before drinking. Using 1 bottle of Alcofree before drinking help to recovery his health, reduce negative effect from alcohol and having a healthy body on the next morning.


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