What is Alcofree?

When you drinking too much alcohol, your liver need to work a lot for reducing alcohol. So, before drinking alcohol, you need to have a support to help your liver.

Health protection food Alcofree is developed based on the Vietnamese herbal system and Japanese science. With 100% natural Cynarine extracted from fresh Artichoke combined with Taurine, Reishi, Codonopsis and Vitamins, which form a unique formula eliminating alcohol in a natural safe way.

Using Alcofree every day, before drinking alcohol, helps to reduce the negative effect from alcohol and also annoying feelings, recover body after drinking.


People who need to drink alcohol and scaring negatives effect on the next morning.

People who need to drink because of their job.

People who care about protecting and looking after liver functions, want to have a healthy body.


Alcofree combines Cynarine extracted 100% from fresh Artichokes, Codonopsis, Reishi, and Vitamin C, B1, B6 to form a formula help eliminate alcohol and protect liver, help body reduces tiredness and more energetic in next morning.


Contains chlorogenic cynarine, organic acid group succinic acid, fumaric acid and acids cafeic, flavonoids. Artichoke has good effect on  diuretic, liver and kidneys functions.

Cynarine is one of ingredient having mainly in Artichokes leaves. Cynarine plays an important role in protecting, nourishing and regenerating the liver, supporting liver to against some diseases such as chronic liver, imparied liver function,…, support kidneys function and recovery body, duretic, antitoxin.

Fumaric acid and succinic acid in Artichoke is a substrate in alcohol metabolism and decrease toxicity after drinking ethanol by stimulating the activity of the ALDH thus accelerates the decomposition of acetaldehyde, a toxic generated due to excessive use of alcohol


After a month of clinical trials with 75 Alcofree users a bottle daily and 1 extra bottle before drinking alcohol for 15 minutes, the product has been recorded with very good results.

  After 30 days of use, 100% of users find that alcohol in the body is eliminated faster and do not feel drunk when drinking alcohol. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, such as fatigue, nausea, and stomach heat, have been reduced after prolonged use.

100% of users commented that Alcofree helps keep the body healthy, with no headaches, no muscle aches, reduced odors on the body and easy to wake up the next morning.


Condensed Artichokes glue in Alcofree has high percentage of Cynarine which support liver function, protect liver and kidneys.

Supporting the alcohol metabolism process can run fast and prevent produce acetaldehype during procesing.

Supporting recovery body, reduce negative effect after drinking.


Using before or after drinking alcohol.

For best results, drink 15 minutes before alcohol use.

More delicious when drink chilled.


We always try to bring our customers the products with self-contained manufacturing process and tracabiliy raw ingredient.