Vietnamese people have been utilizing a lot of medicine from nature to take care of their health or using herbal in everyday meals. There are not many countries in the world that have a rich herbal culture that have more than 4,000 valuable types.

However, recently people are worried that environmental pollution will affect food safety, which leads to the distrust and difficulty in choosing what food they should buy.

In the face of that situation, we started considering about what to do as a pharmaceutical company that has been accompanying with this country for over 20 years. That is why Rohto Health Science was born.

“A story of Vietnamese wisdom meets Japanese pharma-science.”

Rohto Health Science is the healthcare functional food brand of Rohto-Mentholatum Vietnam, based on a combination principle of Vietnamese wisdom with Japanese modern science. Under this new brand, the potential of the business and agriculture in rural area will have a chance to utilize their own potential, while Rohto is inspired to bring Japanese science to transform these resources into products that to make local people & Vietnamese society healthier.

5 Pledges of Rohto Health Science