Commencement of the Future

Commencement of the Future


Accompanied with Vietnam for more than 20 years, Rohto-Mentholatum recognized the chaotics in Functional Food market here, therefore, Rohto Health Science brand was born as a safe, trustworthy solution to protect Vietnamese people health.

According to Euromonitor Market Research Group (UK), Vietnam is one of three functional food markets having the pace of growth on top of Asia – Pacific Ocean region. Presently, among of 100 people in Hanoi, there are 56 people using function foods (FF); and among of 100 people in HCM city, there are 48 users.

Up to August 2015, production and business establishments have increased more than 300 times, the number of products has increased nearly 160 times. However, “unplanned”, “indiscriminate”, “unmanageable” are the phrases the authorities think of when prompting about the market.

According  to Mr. Nguyen Viet Hong, general secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Association for Consumers’ Rights, said that besides the violations of food safety and hygiene, counterfeit goods are also a serious problem for the functional food market. Arisen from “foreign trend” of customers and the increasing needs of health care, numerous firms specializing in functional food business have rapidly entered the market, labeled as imported goods by themselves and “neglect” of clearly explaining about product’s utility, the others have even exaggerated the utility, causing consumers to equate the functional foods as drugs. The above situations indicate that the boom of the FF market in recent years has not contributed to improve the health of consumers but also to face the risks and serious damages to health. It is the time someone needs to take actions to calm the market, and bring high quality product to the consumers.

Rohto Health Science – Green Journey – Green Future

As a top ranked Japanese pharmaceutical company that has been working with Vietnamese consumers for over 20 years, Rohto has combined knowledge and experience in the fields of pharmaceuticals and science from Japan – the country very strict in “safety” and “transparent origin” – with the sources of agricultural material from the local areas, we are honored to launch our functional food brand – Rohto Health Science.

Understanding the legitimate demand of using reliable and well traceable foods of the people and in order to emphasize the brand’s mission in the market, Rohto Health Science has organized a field trip to one of the input supplies: material garden of Lam Dong Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company – the input of the Alcofree product line.

Attendees are pretty experienced journalists coming from the official newspapers such as Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, Nguoi Lao Dong; the upstart news websites but quickly catch up and respond life information to readers such as Zing News, Một Thế giới; officially specialized press for women such as Báo Phụ nữ thành phố, Thế giới phụ nữ magazine and a renowned character on social networks young author “ ten thousands of articles”- Anh Khang.

Considering the safety and transparency of product’s origin as criteria to create the brand and establish the reliability in the public, the actual trip is an opportunity for journalists to directly contact with the standardized raw material area, witness production and bottling procedure in person. Since they had chances to experiment with cutting artichoke flowers in the fields by themselves, talk with farmers directly about care process, discuss with the quality manager about procurement process in accordance with GACP standards of the World Health Organization, as well as standards/measures to ensure food safety and hygiene during the production and bottling processes.

In the trip, the delegation has dropped by Mr. Dang The Lan’s artichoke farm ( Xuan Tho commune, Da Lat city). Despite being alternate between crop fields, Mr. Lan’s artichoke farm is still prominent with glossy green and sturdy like a temptation. It’s not tender like rice trees, not slight as flowers, the artichoke field possesses a distinguished feature with very straight artichoke beds, together with uniform clusters of tree. Each cluster gives a flower bulb bigger than a hand, protruding strongly. Among spectacularly beautiful purple, the artichoke fields are still covered by a fresh green creating refreshing and pleasant atmosphere.

The visitors pretty enjoyed and were surprised at uniformly colourful, beautiful, artichoke flowers, some weigh up to 700gram.

Taking part in the journey, the correspondents had chances to converse with the farmers in person

as well as visit production and bottling procedure to produce Alcofree products – belonging to Rohto Health Science’s brand.

Not just stop there, the actual trip has gone beyond the boundaries of a regular brand launch press conference associated with speakers, speeches, and screenshots in four walls. Instead, the correspondents have been informed in the most natural and accurate manners. By means of initial creation of the reliability in those who have experienced it, enabling to provide the input and convincing evidence for the journalists to tell another story about the efforts in bring out the “safe” and “transparently originated ” functional food products of Rohto Health Science.

Through the trip, Rohto Health Science has also conveyed to the experienced people in particular and consumers in general 5 commitments:

  • Use potential natural source which is grown by Vietnamese local people’s hands.
  • Commit to keep clear traceability from farm until final product for relief and safety.
  • Compose product based on science evidence to maximize efficacy/potentiality of natural source.
  • Develop pharma-quality & safety products.
  • Make people and society healthy

Mrs. Xuan Hoa coming from a traditional press office declared: “ The trip really helped me to wide-open my sight. The stories related to companies co-operating to sponsor for the farmers have become so popular. Also, I’ve heard about the benefits of artichoke or GACP standards, many times before. But this is the first time I have great opportunities to experience all of them. If there hadn’t been the trip, I couldn’t have known the struggles to improve the consumer’s health like this, especially the FF fields have still remained undeveloped. These efforts, in my personal opinion, are pretty worthy of recognition.”

The trip elicits about an advantageous beginning and a safe future for FF industry. To set forth the various standards in production and business of FF: safety, clear traceability. To start taking advantage of strengths of plants as well as potential natural source of Vietnam territory and Vietnamese local people. To start attempts in health care utilizing scientific accomplishments. Due to the steadily increasing awareness of consumers and standards getting more and more stringent, only brands respecting consumer’s health can stay thriving. This is also a coming future of the industry which I’ve found after the trip.” Said a new media’s representative

The visitors in the field trip showed optimistic about the future of FF market and attempting to offer safe, well traceable products of Rohto Health Science.

The writer An Khang – who has consecutively been on top of the best-selling books frankly shared:“ The artichoke fields meeting the GACP standards not only help improve the farmers‘ living quality, but also be the proofs of waking up the values of natural foods associated with the local people’s strength, to enhance the health of the community, of young people like Khang as well. Khang always believe in good things, flourishing future. In general, after a day strolling in artichoke fields, Khang feel so amusing. The future of young people and Khang had become brighter since the Science of Health Care has taken actions, the curing value of the nature will be turned into health care products, thanks to these boundless artichoke fields.

It can be said that the actual trip is an opportunity to directly come into contact with one of clean material areas, bringing pretty deep experiences to each of members. Thanks to the clean material areas, a wide range of health-care products will be created and branded as Rohto Health Science, to call upon people to take good care of their health properly, by means of practical actions including choosing the safe products in nature, as well as highly respecting the efforts in healthcare based on the clean materials and modern science.