Pay attention if your honey has to drink alcohol a lot

“A man must drink”, this is one of the quote for man. Drink is the way for commute for business, for strengthen the relationships with colleagues, for a family relationship.

However, It’s sure that all of you here aware of the negative effects from alcohol. There are: liver disease, heart disease and stomach disease.

For reduce negative effect of alcohol, I always remind my honey: Remember to eat something before drinking. Remember to drink water while you are drinking, it will help alcohol quickly release from your body. However, he totally forget my words when he is drinking. In addition, when he come back home after drinking, he didn’t mind to take a bath and immediately go to sleep. He always feel tired at the day after. I’m really worried about it. This would harm his health a lot.

I known that a lot of mums here have the same concern like me. So, I want to share with you my secret tip for improving his health after drinking alcohol.

I have heard about a type of drink help you to release alcohol but I did not try it because of still worried about these quality. However, I tried Alcofree. The reasons I use it as It is developed by the Vietnam Herbal Organization with Japanese technology. Also, when I read on their website, it’s extracted from Artichokes, Ginseng, Codonopisis, all of them are herbal. I feel safe to use this. The result after 3 times using this is: He didn’t feel headache after drinking. Also, he can help me with the dinner after drink. He feels absolutely comfortable the day after.

(Source: Facebook Tran Thi Phuong Anh)

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