Products were born from heart and passion

Products were born from heart and passion

There are over 4,000 kinds of herbs in VN, and before western medicine appeared in VN, people utilized those herbs to take care of their health.

Therefore, when we met the company who focused on VN herbs to develop products for long time in this country. We can feel a lot of passion for their product development and hit it off right away with them throughout discussion.

With our partners, Vietnamese herbs are the passion of their whole life. They have been pursuing that path for decades to bring the knowledge they have gained to create truly good products for the Vietnamese. They are always proud of the safety and transparency of the origin and effectiveness of each product that they personally cultivate, care for and participate in production.

Being aware of the importance of raw materials, our partners build their own farms with rigorous standards combined with advanced technology to create the high quality products as they want. Not only do we want to create dedicated products but they also want to represent the development of Vietnamese herbal medicine.

The enthusiastic cooperation of one side is the great willingness from Japan to share the knowledge and technology to support Vietnamese food, and the other side is the desire to develop the existing essence of local wisdom. We have the passion and seriousness in the partnership to create products. The two sides have shared, exchanged and consulted to start producing functional foods that meet Japanese standards for Vietnamese consumers.