Secret to taking care of your skin during busy days

Summer is my most busy time. After work all day long, I just wanna go to bed to sleep, very lazy to apply all skin care steps and sometimes forget serum, eyecare…

In this time I’m trying to look for another “effective assistant”, luckily Rohto gifted me a box of Blossomy. After using I sleep very well so next morning feel more energetic and fresher skin. That’s why Primmy want to share this skincare tip in busy season for office lady like me!

Primmy is really in love Japanese products as they are always quality with technology and trusted source. When being gifted this “Healthy inside beautiful outside” drink product to me, I’m very curious to explore.

This product is a combination of Japanese tech and Vietnamese local wisdom. I found this slogan of Blossomy on box “Maintain your youth”. This product has some essential ingredients that helps to anti-aging, improve the skin, nourish the inner cells and detox liver. Two main ingredients from this Blossomy is 100% natural Curcumin and Collagen.

Curcumin is known as a stomach and beauty treatment (In the old days, the senior often use turmeric for a better stomach and healing skin function, now I just know it’s because of the curcumin inside).

As you know, Collagen is a very familiar kind of protein helps your skin smooth and healthy.

In addition, It also has Lactium and Vitamin B group to help you release stress, have a deep quality sleep. Drink 1 bottle at night although your sleep hour is not so long but if it’s qualified, next day your skin and body will feel fresher. Especially Blossomy has great melon flavour, more tasty than other turmeric product or collagen drink, not too sweet as well, easy to drink.

In order to have the best result, remember to to use it daily before going to sleep at least 2 weeks to 1 month depend of each person own health status.

This product is suitable for woman with dry skin, busy woman, often skip meal that lead to stomach problem.

My review is coming to the end. Primmy wish you have a strong health inside to be beautiful outside.

(Nguồn: Facebook Truong Minh Xuan Thao)

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