The solution to help him not become drunk

While chatting with friends, the nightmare of wife is having the drinking- lover husbands. However, for business sake, he must drink with his business partners. In my real case, I always find a way to limit his drinking but he still need to go at least once per week. I always show the frustration every time when he comes home after drinking. At that time, he can’t join the dinner with us, also can’t have a chat with us after a long working day, the most important thing is he could not check my son’s lesson. In addition, I often need to make a ginger juice or lemon juice to help him quickly release the alcohol after coming back home.

Accidently, I found this Alcofree at Lazada website, I immediately click and explore more information. Alcofree is developed by Vietnamese Herbal Wisdom with Japanese technology. This product made by Rohto Vietnam. It’s great that the origin is assured for Alcofree.

I put it into my husband’s bag every morning and require him to drink it before drinking. I repeated that if he is stink drunk, I won’t let him come inside the house. This is amazing! Alcofree help to quickly release the alcohol from his body, help him to avoid to be drunk. I found from the package, it said that: Alcofree is extracted from Artichoke glue, mix with Taurine, Conodopisis, Reishi and Vitamins. These are good elements for your body.

Sometimes, I think that I should drink one also before a party.

(Source: Facebook Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan)

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