What makes you more radiant within two weeks?

“Healthy inside, beautiful outside” is the key to help you more radiant.

Stepping into 30s, your skin can’t be beautiful as when you were younger, it needs to be take care more. The makeup outside is just a temporary savior, in order to look radiant, your body must be healthy first.

Catching the hot trend, Blossomy-a new product of Rohto Health Science, a new functional food brand from Rohto-Mentholatum Vietnam was launched with Curcumin extracted from 100% natural turmeric, honey and collagen as main ingredients. The formula using Japanese technology combines with natural ingredient that was grown by hands and soil in Vietnam with clear traceability, will brings true value of health and beauty to woman.

Blossomy significant performance
Let’s see the magic Blossomy can do after 2 weeks of consumption before sleeping!
We have skin check result from prestigious dermatologist doctors, after 2 weeks, the scar from acne, dark spots, melasma, significantly fade away.

Skin tone become lighter after 2 weeks of use.

From a survey conducted from a third party with women from 25 -45 years old with surprising result:
95% woman feel skin softer, 91% woman feel skin smoother, almost 90% woman feel skin moisturizing improvement.

To archive such good skin quality, thanks to their health and spirit improve positively. More than 80% woman sleep easily and sleep better, it leads to tomorrow wake up feel fresher, awake and more energetic

What contributes to Blossomy magic?

Blossomy with 100% natural Curcumin with Collagen will produce an optimal formula for your body. It helps to anti-oxidant, support stomach, digestion, enhance skin and anti-aging.

Curcumin in Blossomy reach to more than 90% of purity (world standard is 90%). It is a rare active ingredient, accounts only 2%-7% in one turmeric, and plays a main role in turmeric function to health. This curcumin is extracted from yellow turmeric grown in Vietnam with procedure of breed selection with more than 6.5% in active ingredient and strictly cultivating.

Besides, Lactium – a nature ingredient can be found in milk and vitamin B group support to nurture nervous system, reduce stress, enhance sleep quality, is the base for skin beauty and restoring energy for a new day.

Blossomy is a great companion that Rohto Health Science wants to bring to busy office lady and house wife who always occupied with taking care of husband and kids.


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