Wisdom and beauty are symbol of women in modern life

I joined the reunion last week. My friends all look not as energetic and radiant as before. My friends said that I would be the happiest women among us as I don’t have to do any housework. I just stay smile but the truth is that the marriage life is almost the same.

I wake up at 5.30, then prepare the breakfast, take my children to school, then go to work. When I end my work, pick my children to home from school, prepare the dinner, take care of their study and continue my job. I have no time for myself caring. Therefore, my skin is becoming dry, I have stomachache as well, I always lack of energy.

I really wish that it would be 48 hours a day for me to take care of myself. I could have time for skincare routine and do exercise as well. One time, I have read this information:

  • 95% women feel their skin smoother
  • 82% women easily sleep
  • 80% women feel full of energy next morning.

This is the result from a survey that 150 women daily drink Blossomy before sleep. I immediately buy this Blossomy because I think to be beautiful first you have to be healthy and this drink can do that. I have used it for 6 days, my sleep quality was improved a lot so in the next morning I can feel my skin fresher and my body was not tired as before I easily go to sleep. This is a quite new product to the market, therefore there is not many women using this, I would share more my review here: Blossomy has two main ingredients: Curcumin and Collagen. Curcumin as a traditional remedy helps to stomach treatment, digestion stimulation and support skin. Collagen is a type of protein help to bring a radiant glowing skin, anti aging.

Do not forget “Wisdom and beauty are symbol of a women”. Do not forget to take care of yourself, improve health and beauty of women are the most important things!

(Source: Facebook Hien Nguyen Ngoc)

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